Saturday, July 4, 2009

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Monday, June 29, 2009

IFO opportunity for 4th of July

Looks like we have the opportunity to show hospitality to the 10 new Rwandans that will be here next week.  We’ve been asked if there are families in Little Rock that would be willing to host the 10 NEW Rwandans for the weekend of the 4th of July.  If we can find families, they will arrive in LR on Friday night and return to Fayetteville on Sunday.  This is weekend hospitality, which means families will have the very special opportunity to have a Rwandan (or 2 …or maybe 3) in the home on Friday and Saturday nights and enjoy your families 4th festivities.  There are 3 girls and 7 boys available.  They can go to church with you on Sunday and then they can be taken to UALR after Sunday lunch. 

4th of July Holiday plans for your family….

Remember we have several Rwandans in LR and Conway that would be thrilled to picnic (grill out, eat watermelon, share family traditions) with you or your family.  The LR Rwandans (last years group) live in dorms, so those do not need housing but would also love some TCL. 

I know that we have people in LR that love Africa and others that especially love Rwanda.  Anyone want to bring Africa home for the weekend?

Have questions?  Call LaJuana or email her.  You can get her contact information from the church office or from me (contact me via my profile in the sidebar on the right)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

July Special Dates

These are the special dates in the lives of our partners for the month of July.  Feel free to drop them a note via email or send them a card.  If you need contact information, please check the prayer guide, contact the church office or me {Gina}- you can send me an email by clicking the link in my profile (bottom of the right side bar).

July 5 - Katherine C.* (daughter of Mark & Jill)
July 6 - Carol & Wayne Mack's anniversary
July 7 - Jennifer & Kirk P's anniversary
July 14 - Carolyn Hart's birthday
July 15 - Violette Bridgman's birthday
July 15 - Lea P.'s birthday (daughter of Kirk & Jennifer)
July 23 - Paul Bridgman's birthday
July 25 - Jeanne & Roland Walker's anniversary 
July 30 - Caleb P's birthday (son of Kirk & Jennifer, attending school in the US)